👾 The Rise of Web3 in 2024: Why People are More Powerful than Ever

When was the last time YOU wondered how your technology works? Since we live in such a connected world these days, it’s worth talking about the glue that is holding it all together: The Internet. The internet of 2023 is not the same internet of 1995, 2004, 2015, or even 2020!

As humans, we seem to like to keep innovating and making things more closely suit our everyday needs, and the internet is no exception to this rule. In one generation, we transformed the internet from exchanging code to exchanging movie length content to producing movie length content with the click of a button!

And now we find ourselves on the cusp of another major step in the evolution of emerging technology - The Rise of Web3. This new paradigm promises to revolutionize the way we interact with the digital world, offering exciting opportunities and presenting unique challenges. 

From ChatGPT to AI robots to the U.S. government approaching blockchain with heavy regulations, Web3 and other emerging technologies have already transformed the world we live in. It’s just a matter of knowing what to do about it! If you haven’t gotten your virtual popcorn ready, now is the time, because we're diving into this electrifying digital universe!

So Why Should I Care About Web3?

What we are witnessing right now is the evolution of our beloved internet (and all the tech connected by the internet) from a centralized system to a decentralized one. Yes, yes, it feels slow on an everyday basis, but more and more businesses are taking up the growing applications of crypto payments, NFT releases, and the blending of metaverse worlds with our real one.

The key point to understand about Web3 and all these emerging technologies is that, because all of this technology is making full use of blockchain, smart contracts, and peer-to-peer interactions, there isn’t one single server or single gatekeeper who can stop you from using this tech! As a quick example: In a Web3 world, you don’t simply create content to publish on a platform owned by a major business (wink wink, YouTube), you own the content. You control it.

With this level up in tech, individuals are empowered with the technology to compete, communicate, transact, and interact with the world on the same level as multinational corporations! As long as you know how to use this tech, there is no middleman who can stop you halfway.

Thanks to this revelation, Web3 advocates have really gone out to spread the word and accelerate the adoption of emerging technologies to build up this new competitive landscape. And that is where the trickiness of the situation comes into play.

The One Thing That Won’t Change: People

Okay, so we have all of this incredible emerging technology, but how do we use it? Where do we meet the people who can show us the actual steps we need to take to access the power of the 21st century in the palm of our hands?

Like with any new technology, there is a major drawback (and strength): People!

Despite the constant advances in technology, information, and ease of access, at the end of the day none of this can function without humans running the show (for now). Any successful business leader will tell you that the keystone to any thriving endeavor is the people involved. And that means meeting people, connecting with people, and building relationships with people.

So surprise, surprise! It turns out becoming equipped with new technology means having some level of social interaction. That’s why events like CES, Google I/O, Microsoft Build, and hundreds of others exist in the tech industry. Tech events give the people an opportunity to discover the things they didn’t know what they didn’t know.

BREATHE! It’s a Big Network, and You’re Already In It

A big part of the rise of Web3 are the events surrounding it, where people showcase emerging technologies and where professionals get to connect and fill in their networking gaps. How do we know this? BREATHE! Convention 2023 showed us just how revolutionary these emerging technologies are when mingled with the power of a handshake and a friendly hello.

Attendees at BREATHE! Convention explored what came onto the Web3 horizon this year through panel discussions, fireside chats, and numerous networking opportunities between industry decision makers, developers, techies, and business leaders from around the globe.

BREATHE! Convention 2023 announced an exciting collaboration of its two special guests: Cuba Gooding Jr. and Sophia the Robot, exploring the Future of Work. Attendees can witness Sophia the Robot on stage, a social humanoid robot and chatbot developed by Hong-Kong based company Hanson Robotics. 

Cuba Gooding Jr., President of Film and Television of Veuit and known for his heart-capturing performances blockbuster hits, took on a special role at BREATHE! Convention as he discussed groundbreaking technology from the Veuit platform, which allows artists and creators to more easily monetize their online following. 

Full interview available here.

Where Art and Entertainment Bridged the Gap Between People and Technology

Kerry Bubolz, the Stanley Cup winner and the first President and CEO of the Vegas Golden Knights, played a pivotal role in expanding the Foley Entertainment Group and bringing the Stanley Cup Championship to Vegas during their sixth season in 2023. KTNV Channel 13 Las Vegas's anchor Tricia Kean spoke to Kerry Bubolz at BREATHE! Convention to explore how new technology can enhance the fan experience at games.

Shelley Berkley, the longest-standing former Congresswoman, shared insights on how Las Vegas is poised for transformation into a major U.S. tech hub, drawing from her extensive experience in healthcare, education, and foreign affairs.

Here’s the breakdown of even more fantastic happenings that were present at BREATHE! 2023:

Hive established a Village at BREATHE! Convention to cover the cost of exhibiting for multiple Hive projects. Hive secured this Village by leveraging community funding to purchase individual exhibit spaces at BREATHE!

Subject matter experts discussed the future of work, finance, art, and humanity. The event also offered various networking opportunities throughout Las Vegas, Nevada. Some stand out figures include Lori Rodriguez delivering her powerful session on “The Gender Dividend: Three Powerful Levers for Disruptive Growth,” and Pavan Agarwal who discussed “The Rise of AI - Use It or Lose It.”

BREATHE! Convention 2023 showcased the fusion of Art, Tech, and Community Achievement. At the core of this artistic celebration was the communal Guinness World Record attempt, powered by a generous grant from Tezos Commons, staunch supporters of the digital community. This audacious effort symbolized the merger of community, art, and technology as BREATHE! recognizes this unity is necessary in this upcoming, evolving world.

Are you starting to see how integral people are with Web3? And it’s only going to continue expanding from here.

The Road Ahead: What’s Coming for Emerging Tech in 2024?

As Web3 continues to evolve, it is essential to foster collaboration and innovation. BREATHE! is just one of many key platforms for industry professionals, developers, and enthusiasts to come together as we face new challenges posed by this tech revolution. 

With the constant exchanging of new ideas and the drive for the mass adoption of Web3, attendees and participants of conventions like BREATHE! should expect even deeper and more powerful developments as next year comes into full swing.

Taking on the power of Web3 could mean the difference between expanding ownership and getting owned by the next generation of tech gurus, so remember to follow BREATHE! Convention and help us shape the future of art, finance, work, and humanity itself! 

We’re always navigating uncharted territory when it comes to emerging technology, so don't forget to have fun, learn, and laugh at the absurdity and brilliance of this new era. It’s a big network, and you’re already in it. 😉

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