What is BREATHE! Convention?

BREATHE! Convention is an historic new tech experience that provides educational, experiential, and entertainment opportunities for professionals to witness the future of work and humanity itself.

Business leaders, developers, enthusiasts, and tech newbies can shake hands with professionals from around the world, open their eyes to new investment opportunities, and adopt game changing technology in their business and daily lives.

Think: harnessing the power of tools like ChatGPT to supercharge your everyday experience!

What are the main topics and themes covered at BREATHE! Convention?

BREATHE! Convention focuses primarily on the adoption and utility of new and emerging technology, including:

  • Web3
  • AI
  • Blockchain
  • Crypto
  • DeFi
  • Metaverse
  • NFTs
  • VR/AR
When and where is BREATHE! taking place?

BREATHE! Convention is taking place at The Expo @ World Market Center Las Vegas on September 13-15, 2023.

Is BREATHE! a virtual event?

No! BREATHE! has online and virtual elements included in it, but it is an in-person event to maximize new tech education and adoption by ambitious professionals.

Who are the producers of BREATHE! Convention?

BREATHE! is produced by 5AM Global, which is a marketing firm with 35+ years of experience in both marketing and event organization. 5AM Global is made up of dedicated professionals who are filling in the gaps that many events and projects lack, which is proper marketing and PR to investors, enthusiasts, and the general public.

How can I attend BREATHE! Convention, and how much does it cost?

Registering to attend BREATHE! Convention is simple. Our attendee page displays the three main passes visitors can attain at affordable rates. Simply select your pass and proceed through the registration process. Prices are subject to change, and the earlier you register the more you can save on registration!

Remember: Registration to attend BREATHE! comes with a wide array of perks, depending on your pass.

Real world value of a BREATHE! pass is anticipated to surpass the cost of registration when taking into account the growing use-case and utility these passes may offer!

What are the keynote speakers and panelists that will be present at BREATHE! convention?

BREATHE! currently has speakers from prominent emerging tech players such as Google, MetaKeep, NFT Tix, and many more. Our speaker list continues to grow as we connect professionals in Web3, AI, Blockchain, and many others!

Our speakers are chosen based on merit, expertise, and engagement skills, and we prioritize educational value for our attendees over pre-established popularity.

Are there any networking or social events planned during BREATHE! Convention?

BREATHE! has an open showfloor plan to allow for networking and social events to take place in-person. The showfloor currently includes the Galactic Work Lounge, Satellite Media Lounge, Gravitational Networking Lounge, and Interstellar Investor Lounge providing hot locations for professional networking.

The official BREATHE! App is also anticipated to provide Solar Flare Pass and Alpha Pass attendees with the opportunity to schedule networking meetings and make the most out of this momentous digital transformation.

What opportunities are at BREATHE! to learn and interact with new and emerging technologies?

BREATHE! Convention currently has 5 stages set for highly anticipated speaker sessions to educate and present attendees with the right tools and solutions for conducting business and for experiencing day-to-day life.

Our agenda is designed to provide a series of tracks, educational seminars, and masterclasses to allow attendees to curate their own interactions and focal points for the education they desire during their exploration of the BREATHE! Showfloor.

What are some fun or interesting events or activities that attendees can participate in during this new tech convention?

With speaking engagements, showcasing, and networking available throughout the convention, attendees have a wide range of activities and opportunities to take advantage of throughout the showfloor of BREATHE!

We also have a planned afterparty, awards announcements, and additional outside events to truly bring professionals in this space together and foster business relationships. More details are expected in future releases and announcements.

What makes BREATHE! Different from other emerging tech conventions?

BREATHE! distinguishes itself from other events through its philosophy of advancing new tech adoption.

BREATHE! serves as THE focal point for professionals to not only become educated on topics like Web3, AI, Blockchain, and others, but to digitally transform their business and daily life with applications, hardware and software that supercharges their capabilities to heights never seen before in history.

We want YOU to make full use of new tech by applying it into YOUR professional and daily use, making this convention an historic moment on how YOU adapt to the changing professional landscape for years to come.

A full summary of the BREATHE! mission is available on the official BREATHE! White Paper.

What are the Long-term goals of BREATHE! Convention?

BREATHE! is designed with the intention of launching in multiple regions of the world market.

Some highlight areas the team at BREATHE! is considering include expansion into:

  • The Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region)
  • Republic of South Africa
  • Western Europe
  • South America
  • Southeast Asia

Additional BREATHE! events are planned for confirmation later this year.

Are there hotel booking options available for BREATHE! Convention?

We are currently working on incredible opportunities for attendees, participants, and followers to discover discounted hotel booking options to make the most out of the fabulous City of Las Vegas!

With BREATHE! Convention located in Downtown Las Vegas, there are a wide variety of locations we are considering. Once we have finalized these details, we will make an official announcement so YOU can take advantage of all BREATHE! has to offer!

What is the best type of ice cream?

Orange and vanilla swirl soft serve in a cone, obviously!

How does the AI-powered networking app work?

Our AI-powered app works by analyzing the professional profiles of attendees, and then recommends potential connections based on shared interests, industry ties, and networking goals. This makes networking efficient, easy, and tailored to your needs.

What makes BREATHE! Convention different from other tech conventions?

BREATHE! Convention offers a unique blend of cutting-edge education, immersive experiences, and entertainment. We pride ourselves on facilitating unparalleled networking opportunities, boosted by an AI-powered app specifically designed to connect participants with the right industry professionals.

Will I have an opportunity to meet and interact with industry leaders at BREATHE! Convention?

Absolutely! We ensure that there are plenty of opportunities to interact with thought leaders, industry experts, and innovators in the tech field.

What are the unique NFT Tix experiences at BREATHE! Convention?

The unique NFT Tix experiences offer attendees the chance to enjoy one-of-a-kind experiences, including meet-and-greets, Digital Swag Bag, and special access to Special offers and utility.

How can I make the most of the convention given my professional goals?

BREATHE! Convention offers a diverse range of sessions and experiences designed to meet different professional goals. Whether you're looking for insights into emerging technologies, hands-on workshops, or networking opportunities, you'll find it at BREATHE!

What are the direct airdrops from brands at BREATHE! Convention?

Attendees at BREATHE! Convention have the chance to receive direct airdrops from brands. These can range from promotional materials, NFT’s and product samples to digital assets and exclusive offers.

How can BREATHE! Convention aid in my professional growth?

BREATHE! Convention exposes you to the latest trends in technology, provides hands-on experiences, and offers extensive networking opportunities with industry leaders. This fusion of education, experience, and exposure is designed to propel your professional growth.

How can I ensure that I get the most value for my time and investment at BREATHE! Convention?

To get the most value, we recommend thoroughly exploring the event schedule, making use of the AI-powered networking app, and participating actively in sessions and activities. Our team is also always ready to assist you in making your experience valuable and memorable.

What type of insights and takeaways can I expect from the BREATHE! Convention?

Attendees can expect actionable insights into emerging technologies, innovative strategies, and industry trends. In addition, the hands-on experiences and networking opportunities provide practical takeaways that can be applied to your professional journey.

Can I see a clear return on investment from attending the BREATHE! Convention?

The ROI from BREATHE! Convention is multi-faceted. From the educational insights gained and the hands-on experiences with emerging tech, to the invaluable networking opportunities and brand airdrops, we are confident that you will find significant value in attending. Your return on investment extends beyond the event itself and can be seen in the new connections made, knowledge gained, and potential opportunities that may arise post-convention.

What's the scope of technologies covered at BREATHE! Convention?

BREATHE! Convention covers a broad range of emerging and established technologies, including AI, blockchain, cybersecurity, data analytics, cloud computing, and much more.

Can I tailor my BREATHE! Convention experience to my interests?

Yes, BREATHE! Convention offers a variety of tracks and sessions, allowing you to customize your convention experience according to your interests and professional needs.

How interactive are the sessions at BREATHE! Convention?

BREATHE! Convention prioritizes interactive sessions, including workshops, breakout sessions, and panel discussions, encouraging attendees to engage actively with speakers and fellow attendees.

Is there a limit to the number of sessions or workshops I can attend at BREATHE! Convention?

Your BREATHE! Convention ticket gives you access to the entire event, which means you can attend as many sessions as you want, subject to capacity and scheduling.

What opportunities are there for networking outside of the main sessions?

BREATHE! Convention offers numerous networking opportunities outside of the main sessions, including networking lounges, evening events, and opportunities for impromptu meetups facilitated by our AI-powered app.

Are there opportunities to gain hands-on experience with new technologies at BREATHE! Convention?

Absolutely! BREATHE! Convention features many sessions that include hands-on activities, giving you the chance to try out new technologies and gain practical experience.

What if I can't attend all the days of the convention?

BREATHE! Convention records its sessions and makes them available for attendees to view later. This ensures you won't miss out even if you can't attend every day.

Is there a chance to have one-on-one meetings with speakers or experts?

Yes, there are opportunities to have one-on-one meetings with speakers or experts. Our AI-powered app can help schedule these based on mutual availability and interest.

What are the AI Matchmaking categories built within the BREATHE! App?

Our goal is to provide a wide range of categories and interests to provide BREATHE! Participants the best possible experience. Below is the preliminary list of Categories, each with multiple interests:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
  • Gaming and Virtual Reality (VR)
  • Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)
  • Cybersecurity and Privacy
  • Future Technologies
  • Entrepreneurship and Investment

You can edit your categories and interests for AI matchmaking under the “Edit event profile” button in the BREATHE! App