🚀 Networking Reimagined: How to Build Lasting Connections Through Events

A flashback to our amazing Appreciation & Mixer event in May 2023

Hey there, tech enthusiasts! Ever found yourself lost in a sea of faces at a tech convention, clutching a fat stack of business cards, wondering which random encounter will lead to a long-lasting relationship?

Yeah, we've been there too…

And after dissecting that all too familiar experience people feel at trade shows, tech conventions, and other networking events, we at BREATHE! Convention realized why events matter to people in the first place: 

It’s about people. Full stop.

That realization hit us later than we expected, as we had a massive and amazingly successful Appreciation & Mixer event earlier this year at the Renaissance Hotel in Las Vegas. (check out the highlights below)

The talking, the networking, the coming together, that’s what made those few days worth it. And that’s what makes the team at BREATHE! so diligent about how we’re bringing together professionals from all walks of life under one roof. 

If you’re not entirely familiar with how we’re evolving the industry, here are some stand out points we’ve identified that the events industry definitely needs in a world emerging into a new tech era. We think you may find it very enlightening 😉

The Old School Networking Blues

Remember those tech conventions where you'd wander aimlessly from booth to booth, hoping to bump into someone who could actually understand your jargon? 

You'd exchange business cards, make small talk about the latest tech trends, and then... nothing. It felt like a lot of effort for very little reward. Sound familiar?

Well, we at BREATHE! Convention decided to flip the script. 

We looked at the current networking landscape and thought, "We have to steer away from building a scenario where you have to justify why you’re stuck here for another three hours. We want YOU to get upset at the security guards telling you that you have to leave after you’ve been in a deep dive talk with your newest business partner for the last eight hours!”

So, we rolled up our sleeves and set out to create a tech event that delivers real, tangible value. We're talking about meaningful connections, a space that YOU can navigate and make your own with old, current, and new contacts across multiple industries.

What’s it all about? 

At the heart of our networking revolution is the philosophy built behind it. We could have as many fun features as possible, but without these three core tenets of BREATHE!, it would have fizzled out into just a few flashy lights and maybe an hour’s worth of content, at best.

We’ve built BREATHE! to provide Education, Experience, and Entertainment: Three E’s that make up what we consider successful events. Boom!

And we do this through the backdrop of the topics at hand, which include the vastly growing space of Web3, AI, Blockchain, Crypto, DeFi, Metaverse, NFTs, VR, AR, and other emerging technologies.

Picture this: You walk into the event, see a few stand out booths, realize you haven’t eaten since yesterday, so you sit in during an open lunch meeting between Fortune500 CEOs debating the pros and cons of AI implementation. 

You make a few suggestions from what you’ve seen in your research, and one of the CEOs suggests you and a few others most interested in the topic move the conversation forward to one of the open whiteboard areas. 

You hash out a new business model that makes full use of AI into your business, and before you know it, you’re setting aside time to reconvene tomorrow because the security guards are telling you it's after hours!

That is what we call the BREATHE! Experience.

And that’s not including our brilliant features and perks. For a quick summary of some amazing things we’re putting together and what it means for you:

  • AI-powered matchmaking for contacts with shared interests and setting up your own meetings at BREATHE!
  • A diverse lineup of educational sessions, including speaking seminars, panel sessions, fireside chats, and more!
  • NFT Ticketing that allows you to receive airdrops, rewards, and additional value that you can take with you beyond the event

This all serves to bring to life our philosophy of learning, growing, and connecting in a tech-savvy environment. BREATHE! is about getting a first-hand look at the future of technology, and having a blast while doing it. 

And most importantly, it's about making connections that matter!

Shaping History with BREATHE! Convention

Whether you're dipping your toes into the emerging tech world or you're a seasoned veteran, there's a place for you at BREATHE! Convention. 

It's where you'll gain priceless insights into Web3, AI, Blockchain, Metaverse, DeFi, and more. Plus, you'll have the chance to get your hands dirty with wallets, peer-to-peer transactions, and digital ownership practices.

But BREATHE! Convention is more than just an educational event. It's meant to perform a massive shake-up of the networking game as you know it. Remember, we’re not simply bringing together standout brands and innovators to show to you, we are showing YOU to them, giving you the opportunity to shine and collaborate with some powerful next gen business leaders.

At BREATHE! Convention, networking is an opportunity, not a chore. Think of it as breathing new life into your professional connections.

If you have yet to get your ticket for this event, you can check out the different tiers we’ve put together to determine which ticket works best for your situation.

For more details on what’s happening at BREATHE! Check out our website

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