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BREATHE! Convention 2023 Showcases the Fusion of Art, Tech, and Community Achievement

For Immediate Release September 28, 2023

LAS VEGAS, NV - On September 13th & 14th, The Expo at World Market Center in Las Vegas transformed into a crossroads where art seamlessly met emerging tech. BREATHE! Convention 2023, in its revitalized post-COVID debut, was not just an event—it was a vibrant epicenter of innovation, creative expression, and trailblazing collaboration.

Under the banner of 5AM Global, this year's convention transcended the conventional. Instead, it unfurled a dynamic tapestry, epitomizing the perfect fusion of art and technology. Renowned professionals and spirited communities converged to create an ambiance that heralded a future where technology amplifies artistic intent.

Picture of Sophia the Robot and Aaron Vick in front of the Tezos Commons BREATHE! Communal NFT Canvas

At the heart of this artistic celebration was the communal Guinness World Record attempt, powered by a thoughtful grant from Tezos Commons, staunch supporters of the digital commonwealth. This audacious effort symbolized the merger of community, art, and technology as BREATHE! recognizes this unity is necessary in this upcoming, evolving world.

In addition to the myriad of tech showcases, BREATHE! 2023 offered attendees a rejuvenating escape—The Art Garden. Curated by visionary artists Manny Linx, Reena, and Jay (a.k.a. Clearing Karma), the space bloomed with an array of experiences from live art sessions and DJ sets to spiritual-themed art with healing bowl sessions. It was a space where attendees could reenergize, reflect, and immerse themselves in diverse art forms.

As Aaron Vick, advisory board member and artist behind the communal record attempt, eloquently stated: 

"BREATHE! is more than a convention; it's a testament to the power of community in shaping the future. With the invaluable support from community-focused entities like Tezos Commons, we didn't just showcase technology; we celebrated the essence of community and art in the digital age. As we traverse a world where tech shapes narratives, art, and commerce, it's vital to remember our shared humanity starts with connecting. ‘Hello, I'm Aaron. Let's chat!’”

Several collaborative brands played pivotal roles in elevating the art and experience at BREATHE! Convention, including:

  • Orbital Bronze Sponsor Tezos Commons: Their unwavering support for artists globally cemented the belief that art and tech are intertwined in the digital age.
  • Stellar Silver Sponsor Chainstarters: They provided artists and creators with a fun platform, expanding their reach to the real life audience.
  • Planetary Rewards Sponsor Nuvo: More than just rewards, Nuvo celebrated artists and participants, recognizing their unique contributions as players and contributors. 
  • Orbital Bronze Sponsor Third Academy: Their BREATHE! metaverse campus continues to spotlight the fusion of art and tech, guiding the next generation of thinkers with a slew of offerings, all set against the backdrop of the Community Curated Art Gallery.

Inside the Expo Center, enthusiasm and curiosity were tangible. Attendees oscillated between avant-garde art installations and cutting-edge tech talks. Animated discussions about the convergence of art and technology resonated throughout the venue and beyond.

Full shot of Tezos Commons BREATHE! Communal NFT Canvas

Beyond the tech and art showcases, BREATHE! Convention 2023 served as a platform for networking, collaboration, and inspiration. From emerging artists to seasoned professionals, the event brought together a diverse group of individuals passionate about the convergence of art and technology.

Reflecting on the success of BREATHE! Convention 2023, gratitude extends from the BREATHE! Team to all participants, sponsors, exhibitors, and attendees who made this event a resounding success. The fusion of art and tech at BREATHE! 2023 has set a new standard for the possibilities of what a convention can achieve, with boundless possibilities coming to light as BREATHE! gears up for its 2024 roadmap.

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BREATHE! Convention is renowned for fostering mass adoption and educational opportunities in industries that include Web3, AI, Blockchain, Metaverse, AR/VR, NFT technology, and more. The convention is backed by a strong community of investors, founders, developers, and educators who are committed to empower attendees and participants to learn, apply, and thrive in the rapidly changing tech landscape.

Visit to secure your ticket to attend and inquire for exhibiting and sponsoring opportunities. BREATHE! is active on social media, providing the latest news and updates to the event.

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