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Why Donate?

We're teaming up with the "Make A Wish" Southern Nevada because let’s face it—while we're busy shaping the future, some kids are just hoping to see theirs. A portion of every ticket sale is going to "Make A Wish," but what if you could do more? That's right, whether you’ve bought a ticket or not, you can step up your game and make an additional donation.

How Your Donation Helps

Every dollar you donate makes a real-world impact. Not only are you supporting a ground-breaking event that spans topics like AI, Blockchain, and the Metaverse (yeah, we’re looking at you, virtual vacationers!), you're also granting wishes and changing lives.

Ready to Make a Difference?

Click that shiny 'Donate Now' button below and let’s make wishes come true while we innovate the heck out of the future! Join us in making a lasting impact and let’s kickstart the next big bang in tech and humanity! 💫