Empowerment Through Exhibiting at BREATHE!

Exhibiting at BREATHE! Convention places companies in the heart of the future of technology, education, work, and more!


In addition to showcasing products and services, exhibitors join our mission to the 3 E's, offering educational and entertaining experiences.


Critically, BREATHE! Convention serves as a prime networking hub. The convention's AI-powered app helps exhibitors establish valuable connections with potential customers, partners, and influencers in the industry.


Unique NFT experiences and the ability to airdrop directly into attendees' wallets allow exhibitors to create memorable interactions, ensuring their brand leaves a lasting impact on the future-oriented attendees of BREATHE!​​

Why Exhibit?

Reach Your Intended Audience

Reach the ones with real buying power! Showing off your brand at BREATHE! Convention 2023 ensures more exposure, new connections, and a level of insight and confidence that only exhibiting at BREATHE! can deliver.

In addition, studies have proven, paid convention attendees are the most engaged and desired consumers of any brand. Exhibiting at BREATHE! Convention 2023 may be one of your wisest business decisions of the year

What Are Attendees Looking For?

  • Trading Innovations (Exchanges)
  • Crypto Payment Solutions
  • Market Analysis Tools
  • Gaming Application Software
  • Virtual & Augmented Technology
  • Metaverse Advances & Projects
  • Global Legislative & Regulatory News
  • New Protocols
  • Innovative Hardware & Software
  • Must-Have Gear
  • Networking Opportunities (Advice, Leadership, Connections, Insights)
  • Web3 Developments
  • Education & Resources
  • Managed Services
  • Whitelistings
  • Investment Opportunities
  • Investment Application Software
  • Financial & Legal Information

Basically, all things within the WBCDMN universe!

Exhibitor Opportunities

Create your space and how you showcase your brand. There are plenty of marketing benefits to exhibiting at BREATHE!, especially the clear-cut advantage from face-to-face interactions with thousands of WBCDMN attendees , other exhibitors, SME’s, and invaluable industry connections you will make.

Your exhibitor space is a prime opportunity for your brand to stand out from the crowd in a crowded marketplace and demonstrate the benefits of your product, project, or service to the attendees. Our creative team and contractors will work with you and your team to personalize the experience for your target audience.

Who Will You Meet?

  • Subject matter experts leading the world of WBCDMN
  • Universal Thought leaders on all things WBCDMN
  • Galaticly known WBCDMN Influencers
  • WBCDMN investors • WBCDMN enthusiasts
  • WBCDMN developers
  • New WBCDMN connections
  • Project investors
  • WBCDMN legends
  • WBCDMN project representatives

Showcase Your Brand and Leave a Lasting Impression on Your Target Audience as a BREATHE! Exhibitor!

What's Included as a BREATHE!

What's Included as a BREATHE! Exhibitor

Exhibit Space

Starting at 100 sq. ft. and available in increments of 10 ft.

How The Process Works

You secure your open exhibition space on the BREATHE! Convention show floor. This is providing you the flexibility and creativity to show off your brand to the world! At BREATHE!, we are not charging you exorbitant fees for items that you don’t want or need, allowing you to design and build out your space.

Steps to Follow

  • Reserve your space
  • Schedule an appointment with our showfloor contractor FERN
  • Review design options and follow their process
  • Show up to the convention
  • Celebrate your success!

Additional Benefits

Revenue Share

As an exhibitor you will receive a custom affiliate code, use this code to sell tickets and receive 15% of all tickets sold using your link.


You will have an opportunity for recognition as one of the top exhibitors, based on the following criteria:

Best in Show: Award and recognition for bringing “it all” to the convention; voted best for aesthetic, engagement, and participation. The winner of this award will receive a certificate and plaque, Press Release, a $1,000 vendor credit toward their next BREATHE! Convention exhibit space and recognition on our website.

Most innovative: This Exhibitor is awarded and recognized for bringing it all to the convention with the most innovative exhibit space. The winner of this award will receive a certificate and plaque, Press release, a $750 vendor credit toward their next BREATHE! Convention exhibit space and recognition on our website.

Top Partner Award: Besides the recognition and street cred that comes with our most prestigious Exhibitor Award, this exhibitor will receive a complementary 10×10 booth at the next BREATHE! CONVENTION, Press Release, Award Certificate, plaque, and recognition on our website. This is awarded to the exhibitor that is responsible for the most affiliate sales.

Brand Exposure

Website Space: You will receive a dedicated page to promote your products and services on our website. Your dedicated page can include up to 500 words, a product image, a company logo, a link to your website and also links to your social media channels.

Printed & Digital Event Booklet Listing: You will receive a 50-word listing, including your contact and website details in the official Event Booklet.

Exhibitor Success Toolkit

Exhibitor Presentation Workshop & Training session: Stormie Andrews, Award Winning Author, Top-50 Tech Visionary and Marketing Strategist, will lead your team on proven lead generation and conversion optimization strategies, via Zoom. Your team will learn proven strategies to ensure you get the most from your interaction with attendees.

Exhibit Design Team: We have a dedicated logistics team who will work with you to provide expert advice on your exhibit space, help you understand and meet your objectives and ensure the show is as successful as possible for you.

Media Toolkit: We will provide templates and ideas for you to effectively promote your exhibitor space. And, there is even more…

  • Partner discount for development of your organization’s Branding guidelines
  • Partner rates on PR services for your product, service, or project
  • Partner rates for professionally edited recordings of your time on stage

Admission & Access

Free registration for staff: You will receive Exhibitor all inclusive badges.

  • 10×10 Exhibit Space: 2 Exhibitor badges
  • 10×20 Exhibit Space: 4 Exhibitor badges plus 4 general admission badges
  • 20×20 Exhibit Space: 8 Exhibitor badges plus general admission badges
  • 2×4 Graphic Pod: 2 Exhibitor badges
  • 2×4 Display Pod: 2 Exhibitor badges

Additional exhibitor badges available at discounted rate.

Networking: VIP Access to private events. The access and connections made during these exclusive events are priceless.

Priority Access for Future Conventions: You will be whitelisted for the next BREATHE! Convention. What does this mean? You will have priority selection of booth location. We will reach out to you before releasing exhibitor space to other exhibitors. This ensures you stay on top of the best real estate at each subsequent show.

Become an Exhibitor

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