Speaker Requirements

Speakers are required to adhere completely to our “NO COMMERCIALISM” policy. If you cannot refrain from directly advertising or selling a product or service, please refrain from speaking at BREATHE! Convention 2023. Speakers are asked to provide information in an educational and non-commercial manner.

Speakers are asked to present educational information such as news, industry happenings, innovations, thought-provoking concepts, and new ideas that would otherwise be unavailable from any other source.

What a Speaker Must Provide

In order to be eligible for consideration, speakers must provide:

  • Contact information
  • Topic and bio information
  • 1-3 minute video recording detailing their proposed speaking session. Include in the video:
  • State your name
  • State your date
  • Tell us why we should consider you an authority in the WEB3 space?
  • State BREATHE Convention and what will the audience take away from your presentation.

You can record from a phone, tablet, or computer. Must upload video to (YouTube and Vimeo preferred). Make it “unlisted”. You must remain visible in the video

What We Look For When Considering Speakers

  1. Passion for the Web3, Blockchain, Crypto, DeFi, Metaverse, and NFT (WBCDMN) universe
  2. Thought leadership abilities
  3. Verifiable identity
  4. Topic is relevant for the WBCDMN universe and related communities
  5. Information is credible

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