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BREATHE! Ignites Student and Community Building Through Educational Initiative with UNLV

For Immediate Release August 22, 2023

LAS VEGAS, NV - BREATHE! Convention, a leading event in the emerging tech space, unveils a unique educational initiative. This initiative aims to unite students, educators, and industry professionals from across the globe, including those from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), to explore and discuss emerging technologies and trends.

BREATHE! Convention breaks from traditional conventions by leading on education, experience, and entertainment for its participants, sponsors, and attendees. The show floor has put together a series of stages and tracks focusing on key topics at BREATHE! Including the Web3 Marketplace, Fashion & Art, Sports & Entertainment, Crypto Education, and many others. Designed as a social and connection building event, BREATHE! emphasizes on the importance of Web3 adoption and to learn, network, and engage in lasting career opportunities and business relationships.

"We're here to ‘unconvention’ the outdated model of conventions," said BREATHE! Convention PR Director Brian Edmiston. "We are creating an environment where everyone, from attendees to sponsors to participants, can learn from each other, share ideas, and build lasting relationships that otherwise would have never been possible had it just been a typical booth-centric event."

BREATHE! Convention has brought together a student initiative for the Las Vegas area, providing students from UNLV the opportunity to immerse themselves in educational seminars on topics such as AI, Blockchain, and Web3, as well as, career building opportunities present at the event. 

BREATHE! Convention welcomes Benjamin Morse, faculty member and educator at the Hank Greenspun School of Journalism and Media Studies, UNLV. Morse, who runs the student-staffed social media marketing agency Rebel Media Group, participates as an educator, sharing his expertise in the wider emerging tech landscape.

"I can't stress enough how fantastic an opportunity the BREATHE! Convention is for our students,” said Benjamin Morse. “It's not just about attending, it's about diving headfirst into the heart of the action. BREATHE! sets a new trend by giving students the ability to learn, engage, and benefit from the continual advancements in emerging tech.”

The surge in media collaborators and participants at BREATHE! Convention underscored its community-driven ethos. As the event continues to expand, diverse organizations joined this transformative journey, enriching the convention and amplifying its global reach.

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Taking place on September 13-15, 2023 at The Expo at World Market Center Las Vegas, BREATHE! Convention is renowned for fostering mass adoption and educational opportunities in industries that include Web3, AI, Blockchain, Metaverse, AR/VR, NFT technology, and more. The convention is backed by a strong community of investors, founders, developers, and educators who are committed to empower attendees and participants to learn, apply, and thrive in the rapidly changing tech landscape.

Visit to secure your ticket to attend and inquire for exhibiting and sponsoring opportunities. BREATHE! is active on social media, providing the latest news and updates to the event.

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