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BREATHE! Convention Unleashes Campaign Message To Counter Marketplace FUD: “The Web3 Revolution Is Just Starting”

LAS VEGAS, NV – The BREATHE! Convention announces its main campaign focus for this year’s BREATHE! Convention, “The Web3 Revolution Is Here.” This theme reflects the rapidly growing adoption and interest in web3 and other new tech sectors that transform the way we do business around the world, including:

  • Blockchain
  • Cryptocurrency
  • DeFi
  • Metaverse
  • NFTs

“We’re reaching a point where communities across the world are waiting for something new to happen in the Web3 space,” says Public Relations Director Brian Edmiston. “Everyone has already experienced FUD in the market, and now it’s time for people to take a deep breath and realize that all markets work in cycles like this.”

“What is crucial right now in this economic climate is for professionals to gain the proper knowledge in addition to networking and conducting business so that the next step of Web3 can take shape. ”

BREATHE! also recently released its Impact Video detailing this crucial message for Web3, which is viewable directly on the BREATHE! Convention YouTube Channel.

With 2023 in full swing, the BREATHE! Convention continues to secure a fantastic line-up of expert industry experts from across the globe, ready to share usable actions and best business practices throughout the Web3 space. The BREATHE! Convention speaker agenda already includes such experts as:

  • Majid Zafer, Co-founder of DCRBN
  • Juliana Echavarria, Founder & President of Blockchain FIU
  • Maryanne Chisholm, Artist & Community Builder of Cafe Muse
  • Ashton Addison, CEO of Crypto Coin Show
  • Aaron Vick, Web3 Evangelist

After the market downturn experienced in 2022, the BREATHE! Convention has marked itself as the primary location for communities of the Web3 space and the emerging new tech industry to converge and understand the next steps to a return for upswing momentum and mainstream adoption for the remainder of the decade.

With this in mind, BREATHE! is set to showcase the latest Web3 and new tech advancements directly in the exhibition hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center, one of the busiest destinations for exhibitions in North America.

BREATHE! has already secured multiple new tech giants for participation as sponsors with the convention, including Metakeep and NFT Tix.

MetaKeep is a fully compliant multi-patented non-custody wallet protocol and smart contract infrastructure, that works in the background to invisibly power a quarter of a billion dollars in assets under administration across various industry verticals. Thanks to the involvement of MetaKeep, BREATHE! is powered by this technology, giving attendees and participants a native Web3 experience.

NFT Tix is a pioneering blockchain ticketing platform for marketplace utility fully built on Ethereum Layer 1. By leveraging blockchain technology, NFT Tix aims to revolutionize the ticketing industry and provide long-term solutions against fraud, scalping, and an out-of-control secondary market.

When asked about his thoughts on the current state of new technology sectors like Blockchain, BREATHE! Advisory Board Member Rory Kelly, Owner of Bithome LLC, had this to say:

“Look at what the dotcom bomb gave us. It gave us some of the greatest tech giants right now, Apple for example. There is so much innovation within blockchain and there are a lot of things that people don’t know about or hear about that blockchain is being used for or considered for…

Honestly, the world currency is going to come from a cryptocurrency that is run on the blockchain. That’s a fact… There are just so many ideas and so many things out there that people don’t know. I’d love this event to become the place where innovators tell us about their new products, educators tell us about the blockchain, when did it start, what’s its future. I love everything about it.”

BREATHE! Convention has also released its 2023 Roadmap to provide the path that BREATHE! intends to pave for participants, attendees, and followers of this game-changing convention.

A full view of the roadmap is available directly on the website at

Web3 and blockchain enthusiasts as well as members of the press can follow BREATHE! on its active social media channels Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the latest information and updates on how to purchase tickets to attend and get involved with the event.