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Experience the Future of Tomorrow... Today!

Welcome to the BREATHE! Convention 2023 - not just another tech convention, but a voyage into the world of tomorrow. Over three electrifying days, we invite you to explore the technologies that are rewriting the playbook of traditional business. This is the ultimate playground for innovators, disruptors, and dreamers.

Produced by 5AM Global, the tech-world's preeminent "legend-maker", BREATHE! takes you on a warp-speed journey through the most cutting-edge sectors of today's digital landscape. Discover the future of humanity at the nexus of Web3, AI, Blockchain, Crypto, Defi, Metaverse, AR/VR, and NFTs.

Engage in thought-provoking fireside chats, forge alliances during panel discussions, and feed your curiosity with our experiential offsite activities. Here, the world's most extraordinary Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), Collectors, Investors, Startups, Developers, and Enthusiasts will guide your  transformative journey.

BREATHE! is a game-changing experience and a golden ticket to the future. Unleash your potential, rewrite the rules, and step b the 21st century. But remember, this is no solitary voyage. BREATHE! is a communion of visionaries, innovators, and thought-leaders. This is your chance to become a part of the movement that is propelling humanity forward.

The Galaxy at Your Fingertips

Your future awaits at the BREATHE! Convention 2023. Are you ready to step into the beyond?

Discover New Horizons with Ecliptic Exhibitors

Embark on an exploration journey across the uncharted territories of tomorrow's technology. Our exhibitors are not mere booths; they're the launchpads of innovation, delivering groundbreaking solutions and forward-thinking concepts right at your fingertips. Expand your mind, spark your imagination, and dive into the wonders that the future of industry has in store.

Be Illuminated by the Brightest Stars

Don't just witness the future, learn from those who are crafting it. Our speaker lineup boasts the trailblazers, the visionaries, the mavericks - those unafraid to disrupt and redefine. Rub shoulders with, and be inspired by, the global educators and SMEs who are carving the path towards a more advanced and empathetic tomorrow. The stage is set for enlightenment, are you ready to see the light?

Tune into the Nebula of News

At BREATHE! we don't just follow the latest trends, we set them. Brace yourself for a real-time information explosion, as we deploy cutting-edge technology to deliver up-to-the-minute tech-related announcements, news, and insights. Be the first to glimpse the innovations that will shake up tomorrow. BREATHE! Convention 2023 - where today meets the future.

Join a Universe of Innovators

Step into a cosmos of ambitious, groundbreaking organizations and pioneers who are shaping tomorrow's reality today. This is more than an event - it's a vibrant melting pot of innovation and expertise. As part of BREATHE! Convention 2023, you're not just attending an event; you're joining a forward-thinking, world-changing community. Be part of the evolution and make your mark on the future.

Titans of Tech: Driving the Digital Frontier

Prepare to immerse yourself in electrifying insights, revolutionary ideas, and future-shaping narratives. Our speaker lineup? Think Tech Titans – the game-changers writing the future's playbook.

From thrilling keynotes to thought-provoking panels and insightful fireside chats, your mind will race, your inspiration will ignite, and your network will expand.


Explore Our Passes

We believe in making the future accessible, that's why we offer flexible payment options to suit your needs. Choose between a one-time payment or our convenient 3-pay option. With the 3-pay, you can secure your ticket now and spread the cost over three months. Select the path that best fits your budget and step into the future with us!

A portion of each ticket sold goes directly to making wishes come true with the 'Make A Wish' Foundation.

Moon Shot Pass


Entry Level Benefits:
2-Day Exhibit Hall Access
Seminar Sessions across 4 Stages
Keynote Sessions on Mainstage
Networking Area Access
Hotel Room Discount
Cloud-based Hardware Wallet powered by MetaKeep
BREATHE! Replay - Access all session video recordings.
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All Moon Shot Benefits plus:
Awards Ceremony Access
Official After-Party Access
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BREATHE! Digital Swag Bag
Access to NFT TiX Marketplace
AI-powered matchmaking & smart networking for 1:1 meetings
Open Chat with other attendees
Session Video Recordings
Whitelist for Future BREATHE! Events
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Classic Registration: Register the traditional way! Receive your BREATHE! NFT later.

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Alpha Pass


All Solar Flare Benefits plus:
Pre-Convention VIP Meet & Greet Access
Priority Registration, Class Bookings, and Meetings
Reserved Seating Area for Sessions
VIP Networking Breakfast, Day 1 & 2
VIP Brunch Mingle Party at the Pool, Day 3
VIP Lounge Access
VIP Official After-Party Experience
Exclusive Whitelist to Partner Events
Classic Registration

Classic Registration: Register the traditional way! Receive your BREATHE! NFT later.

NFT-TiX: Easily experience Web3! Receive your BREATHE! NFT now.

Vision To Victory: Pioneers Share Their Journey!

Ever wondered what it's like to stand on the edge of the future? BREATHE! Convention isn't just about the tech, it's about the lives transformed, the success stories inked, and the trailblazers who dared to dream.

In this event, visionaries meet opportunities. Founders converge with investors. Ideas blend with action. Don't take our word for it - hear it from the pioneers who've lived the BREATHE! experience

BREATHE! | Testimonials

A Wave of Anticipation Sweeps the Digital Realm!

BREATHE! | Connecting Ever-Expanding Possibilities

The Most Awaited Tech Event of the Year

Yuriy Sigalov | Orbiter One

Riding the Wave of Web3 & Crypto

Your Gateway to the Future: Claim Your Spot at BREATHE! 2023

Feel the pulse of tomorrow beating in your veins as you stand on the edge of the technology revolution. With BREATHE! Convention 2023, you're not just attending an event, you're joining the vanguard of innovators shaping the future.

This is your backstage pass to the world of tomorrow, an electrifying blend of ground-breaking ideas, industry giants, and cutting-edge technologies. Engage in thought-provoking sessions, network with like-minded trailblazers, and explore a galaxy of opportunities.

Don't just observe from the sidelines, take the driver's seat and accelerate towards a future filled with unlimited possibilities. The moment to step forward is here. Embrace the energy, fuel your ambitions, and take the leap.

“It’s the genesis of Web3 adoption.”
Majid Zafer | DCRBN
“BREATHE! is becoming the CES of Web3.”
Kristina Bruhahn | Continuum Marketplace
“This is where giants are made.”
Vincent Harrison | NFT TiX & Digital Nativ

Elevated by Visionaries

Explore our Sponsors, Exhibitors, Media, and Participating Brands.

Your Path, Clear as Day

Any lingering doubts? We’ve got answers.

BREATHE! Convention 2023 is unlike any event you've attended before. We understand that you might have questions. From registration processes, travel accommodations, to what to expect on the day, we've got you covered.

Remember, BREATHE! Convention 2023 is more than an event. It's an experience, a promise of a better tomorrow. Don't hesitate. Dive in!

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What is BREATHE! Convention?

BREATHE! Convention is an historic new tech experience that provides educational, experiential, and entertainment opportunities for professionals to witness the future of work and humanity itself.

Business leaders, developers, enthusiasts, and tech newbies can shake hands with professionals from around the world, open their eyes to new investment opportunities, and adopt game changing technology in their business and daily lives.

Think: harnessing the power of tools like ChatGPT to supercharge your everyday experience!

What are the main topics and themes covered at BREATHE! Convention?

BREATHE! Convention focuses primarily on the adoption and utility of new and emerging technology, including:

  • Web3
  • AI
  • Blockchain
  • Crypto
  • DeFi
  • Metaverse
  • NFTs
  • VR/AR
When and where is BREATHE! taking place?

BREATHE! Convention is taking place at The Expo @ World Market Center Las Vegas on September 13-15, 2023.

Is BREATHE! a virtual event?

No! BREATHE! has online and virtual elements included in it, but it is an in-person event to maximize new tech education and adoption by ambitious professionals.

Who are the producers of BREATHE! Convention?

BREATHE! is produced by 5AM Global, which is a marketing firm with 35+ years of experience in both marketing and event organization. 5AM Global is made up of dedicated professionals who are filling in the gaps that many events and projects lack, which is proper marketing and PR to investors, enthusiasts, and the general public.

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